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I am a professional Front-End Web Developer & SEO Specialist creating modern, responsive, professional websites and Digital Marketing e.g. SEO Services for Businesses, Startups and Freelancers. Let us work together!

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Name B.A. Denis Doan

Degrees Bachelor of Arts and Nanodegree

Birthday June 1989

Marital status Single

Email info@denisdoan.com

YouTube YouTube Channel

Udemy course Maths functions for beginners

Websites Digital Business & SEO Services

More Websites : The Doan's Blog & Patreon

Some Skills

A good combination of Business and IT skills gives me the ability to be a better IT Entrepreneur.

Web Development 100%

IT Technician 100%

Business Management 90%

Mathematics 90%

SEO 80%

My services are also featured on Product Hunt.

freelancer, web developer and services

This is me

Business IT Entrepreneur

Being an IT Entrepreneur is a hard task, but I like making my customers happy and I like coding stunning Websites with special functionalities, that every customer needs and doing SEO to get more traffic, leads and sales.

freelancer, web developer and services

freelancer, web developer and services

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